Woodworm batting gloves Pioneer youth




Woodworm batting gloves

Model: Pioneer

Youth right & left hand

2 Gloves pack

Colour: Red & white

Logo: woodworm with logo

Woodworm Cricket Pro Xlite Youth Batting Gloves

If you’re planning on a few decent innings, grab a pair of gloves that are lightweight, breathable and offer loads of protection, and the Pro Xlite model ticks all those boxes.

With palms crafted from premium sheep leather, you’ll immediately notice how soft, supple and comfortable they are to wear.

What’s more, the extra-dense yet lightweight padding, re-inforced in high impact areas, will mean you can face their scary left arm quick with more confidence.

Once you’ve seen off the openers and have started building an innings, you’ll appreciate the ventilation on the sides and perforations on the palm to help keep you cool and dry.


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